Thus, with a sigh. . .

Firstly, before I crack onto this, I apologise for my late post -got distracted by life I guess! But here it finally is.

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out

So that was my quote, and it helped, it really did, it really does. The benefit was that it meant looking at the positives rather than the negatives and this practice helps for any experience in life really – always look on the bright side of life.

This quote also helped me appreciate what we had. I had the capacity to love, and be loved. It’s so easy to love. And it’s so beautiful to love. And even though a part of me will always be a bit sad that it didn’t last longer, I’m slowly letting it be, and I can now see how lucky I was and how wonderful that experience was.

It’s funny but honestly, the pain is fading. It has faded. I don’t know how, but it just has, it just is.
When I think of the memories I don’t want to cry anymore, I sort of just. . .sigh. . .

I talked to him the other day, but I guess I’ve realised that there isn’t much point anymore in trying to talk to him…I’d love to be his friend and I’ve given him that option and now its up to him. But you see people only talk to you if they want too, and I see no reason why he’d talk to me, so I’ve pretty much pushed the hope aside on that one. I’ll just be me, and if he wants to talk to me, then that’s great, but I won’t put in any more effort – It’ll only do more damage to me. It was great to have the holidays where I didn’t see him everyday, but now schools started again, I’ve been seeing him more, so I’ve been thinking of him more, and its been a bit harder.

But I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll never know what changed. I’ll never understand why he had the chance to break up with me at one point but instead he promised that it would be fine, and told me those three words again, saying he hoped I knew that and he leant his head on my shoulder and he promised, promised, then it was 6 days later when he finally said good-bye. I’ll never understand, but then again maybe he didn’t understand either. And so that’s just that. The past is the past, and nothing can change the fact that we were together, that there was that moment in my life where I experienced pure bliss.

So really


and so must I

Thus, with a sigh,

I let



Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly